Can you explain CSS box model?

Question & AnswersCategory: CSSCan you explain CSS box model?
Ranjith Staff asked 12 months ago
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Ranjith Staff answered 8 months ago

All HTML elements can be considered as boxes. In CSS, the term “box model” is used when talking about design and layout.
The CSS box model is essentially a box that wraps around every HTML element. It consists of: margins, borders, padding, and the actual content. The image below illustrates the box model:

  • Content – The content of the box, where text and images appear
  • Padding – Clears an area around the content. The padding is transparent
  • Border – A border that goes around the padding and content
  • Margin – Clears an area outside the border. The margin is transparent

div {
background-color: lightgrey;
width: 300px;
border: 25px solid green;
padding: 25px;
margin: 25px;

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