Who is responsible for the terror attack on Uri Camp?

Question & AnswersCategory: terrorismWho is responsible for the terror attack on Uri Camp?
Ranjith Staff asked 9 months ago
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Ranjith Staff answered 9 months ago

It is easy to blame Modi like he blamed Manmohan Singh ,but it will not change reality.
In NDTV prime time Ravish Kumar discussed all things including (link at last line of answer):-

  • Action take by government
  • Mistake by goverment
  • Failure of Army

Best line by an Army person in this debate “ They have to lucky for 1 day, we have to be lucky everyday” and “Army fails many attempts of terrorist daily but we don’t count them as success”.
It is China who used Pakistan as their tool.
Pakistan had earlier allied itself to America, but after Modi took India firmly into the American camp, Pakistan had to seek a new sponsor. The only second super power in the world today after the collapse of the Soviet Union is China, and so now Pakistan has allied itself to China.
I agree with Justice Katju’s view on this matter.

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